Nacho Time to Spaz

Ever been in a pinch when all of the sudden people are coming over to watch a game? Even when they have been instructed by your significant other to BYOB and eat before hand; for heavens sake you don’t want them to walk in to an empty table! Without fail, we keep chips,  a can … Continue reading Nacho Time to Spaz

Squash Bake Ooh-Ha-Ha

It is summer time party people! Summer time means that all the yellow squash and zucchini this girl can handle will be in our kitchen. There are tons upon tons of summer squash recipes readily available through Pinterest and other recipe search engines – epicurious and Food52 are among some of my faves.   However, the … Continue reading Squash Bake Ooh-Ha-Ha

Kimchi, yes or no?

On my first visit to Chelsea Market in New York City I fell in love.  Hard, fast, and true.  I officially had a new favorite spot in this hustlin’ bustlin’ town – said no one ever who lives there, the words hustlin’ and bustlin’. It was the beginning of winter; patrons were adorned with coats … Continue reading Kimchi, yes or no?